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Seminar Programme

The 2024 agenda

If you’d like to speak at FSM Live 2024 please contact our conference chair Brian Sims at bsims@westernbusiness.media

Times & sessions are preliminary and subject to change.

Seminar Programme


Doors open/Networking


Opening address

Niall Rowan (Association for Specialist Fire Protection)

The session will explain the vital role of passive fire protection and how recent changes in the law such as the Building Safety Act will affect the way buildings are designed and constructed.


Fire safety meets Sustainability: A path to responsible systems

Vicki Wells (Apollo Fire Detectors)

Discover how sustainability is reshaping the fire safety industry. We’ll explore core principles and driving factors, with a focus on practical steps for making fire detectors and alarm systems more environmentally responsible. Be part of the conversation that’s pushing the industry toward a greener, more sustainable future.


Managing False Fire Alarms: Tools & Techniques

Phil Calvey (Advanced)

Almost 40% of incidents attended by the fire and rescue services in England in 2022/23 were false alarms, with associated costs estimated at over £1 billion.

In this presentation you will learn tried and tested techniques that help put an end to this pernicious problem. You will hear about the common causes and effects of false and unwanted alarms and gain deeper understanding of the strategies you can put in place to effectively manage and radically reduce them.


  • Understand the difference between false and unwanted fire alarms
  • Choose the best false alarm management options – including alarm verification and investigation delays
  • Differentiate between detection zones and alarm zones, their size and configuration
  • Manage the needs of different building areas for controlled evacuation
  • Choose the right equipment to combat false fire alarms.

Empowering The Responsible Person For Safer Buildings

Jason Hill (Tio Fire Safety)

With responsible people present throughout the year, it only makes sense to ensure they have the tools and know-how to self-sustain the safety of their buildings. This inspirational seminar covers the rebalancing of responsibilities between contractors and in-house staff to maximise efficiency, safety and happiness.


Networking break


How to comply with the latest changes to fire legislation and the increasing safety demands of modern buildings, using the latest technology

Ray Puttock (EMS Ltd)

With the introduction of new 2022 regulations becoming law in January 2023, what’s needed to comply? How can fire detection be updated quickly and safely, and what technology is available to protect against future exterior fires, as well as those that could occur within properties?

How, with wireless technology, can a system be upgraded in days rather than weeks or months, and existing systems extended to increase protection regardless of the manufacturer and protocol of the installed fire system.


The Building Safety Act: fire safety and project accountability

Michael Croxford (Siderise)

As the creators of and therefore experts in their products, passive fire protection manufacturers must be able to be seen as trusted sources of information. The Act seeks to make this possible through the introduction of the new National Regulator for Construction Products (NRCP).

This session considers the ramifications of applying the Golden Thread in projects and explores the tools, mechanisms and schemes that can help tackle the challenges faced by those in the project chain.


Building Safety Cases – How Fire Safety Consultants can Support the Responsible Person

Ross O'Loughlin (Global HSE Group)

Building Safety Cases are a relatively new initiative following the enactment of the Building Safety Act 2022. At Global we are supporting our clients in developing their Safety Cases.

This presentation will discuss how we guide and develop the risk management system and help understand the risk. This promotes the need for competence in developing the safety case, by using our expertise to develop the clients’ solutions. The relationship based on trust of our level of competence, gives our clients reassurance that they have fire safety risk articulated well and mitigated appropriately. We will use case study material from projects we have supported to show our approach.


Enhance Fire Safety: Unveiling the Power of Multi-sensor Alarms

Andy Speake (Aico)

In today's world, fire safety is paramount. Multi-sensor alarms are emerging as a leading technology to enhance fire protection and provide occupants with superior safety.

This session delves into the intricacies of multi-sensor alarms, exploring their working principles, benefits, and advancements.




Open area protection, which is the best option

Christopher Dunne (FFE Ltd)

Join us as we conduct a comprehensive analysis of key fire detection methods—beam smoke detection, aspirating smoke detection, and point detection. We navigate through the benefits, costs, and limitations of each detection method, providing valuable insights to help you make informed decisions in optimising open area protection strategies.


The changing scene of fire safety legislation and the impact on Responsible Persons and fire risk assessors

Colin Todd (CS Todd Associates)

Over the past few years fire safety and building safety legislation has undergone fast and what seems like never-ending change. These changes will make an impact on the safety of the public, but are they creating problems for RPs and fire risk assessors and are they struggling to keep abreast? Is the radical nature of the changes always justified? Are there unintended consequences of the rushed drafting of new legislation? Colin Todd will explore these questions and give a characteristically independent and sometimes contentious view.


Networking Break


Driving National Integration of Fire Policy

Steve McGuirk (Fire Sector Federation)

The Fire Sector Federation will use this session to outline why there's a need for national integration for fire policies in the UK.


Competency of fire risk assessors

Dr Bob Docherty (Institute of Fire Safety Managers)

This session will outline the qualifications and experience needed to confidently carry out fire risk assessments. Bob will explain everything you need to know to ensure that the person carrying out fire assessments is competent. This includes the person being accepted to the fire risk assessors register.


ESG – Why can't I just plant a tree?

Matt Wood (CEO, Millwood)

Matt Wood CEO co-owner & Master JEDI takes the audience on a bite size journey to help them understand more around the reality of ESG Including:

  • All the reason to do so
  • Insetting Vs Offsetting
  • Where to begin?
  • B Corp in 30 seconds
  • How we are measured?
  • Benefits & Why Bother?
  • And more...