Evac+Chair is the world leader in safe emergency evacuation. With over 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of evacuation chairs, Evac+Chair are trusted and relied upon in any emergency situation to assist in saving people’s lives. 

With a design and manufacturing facility based in the UK and a wide range of accreditations (including being a Class 1 Medical Device), Evac+Chair products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. 

Evac+Chair has a dedicated R&D team who continuously innovate to ensure those with mobility impairments, can be safely evacuated from buildings in the event of a fire or emergency. Their lifesaving products are installed in a variety of environments including offices, hotels, schools, colleges, sports stadia, retail outlets, factories and various healthcare settings worldwide. Training and maintenance is also available, providing customers with complete reassurance that their Evac+Chair will be fully supported throughout its lifetime.

Evac+Chair International Ltd
Unit 4
Blythe Valley Park
B90 8AW

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